Six Questions XVI: Teresa Dröfn Njarðvík

Teresa Dröfn Njarðvík is an Icelandic academic, author, and heathen. Over the past year, two books on the subject of the runic alphabet authored by Teresa have entered publication: Icelandic Runes: A Brief History, published by Almenna Bókafélagið, and Runes: The Icelandic Book of Fuþark, published by the Icelandic Magic Company (which will soon see an Icelandic language edition).

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Growth Season

We've had a lot on our plates here at lately, mostly in the Eddic to English continues to grow, with most entries now complete. We'll also be producing more regular interviews soon, and ÁVA will meet again, this time in at a soon-to-open venue in the historic neighborhood of Ballard, in Seattle, Washington. Stay tuned: while the site has slept for about a year, there's plenty more coming.

Introducing Eddic to English is proud to introduce Eddic to English, a comparative study of English translations of the Poetic Edda. From newcomers choosing the 'right' translation to academics embarking on a translation of their own, everyone benefits from an accessible comparative study of the numerous English language translations of the Poetic Edda.

Eddic to English is currently in an early phase, featuring little more than primitive versions of five translation entries and an introduction. However, some of you will no doubt find it useful in its current state. We welcome your suggestions, corrections, and general feedback.

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Six Questions XIII: Rachel Shelton

For our 13th Six Questions feature, we interview artist Rachel Shelton. Originally hailing from Washington state, today Shelton lives in rural Montana. One of the most sparsely populated and vast expanses of the nation, the west Yellowstone region of Montana features heavily in Shelton's nature-focused photographs, gathered bone pieces, and wildcrafting. Shelton's work often features motifs and themes drawn from Germanic paganism and folklore, including runic inscriptions and charms. Shelton sells her work through her Etsy shop and showcases her photography on her Instagram.

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Six Questions XI: Kjersti Faret (Cat Coven)

Kjersti Faret,'s eleventh Six Questions subject, is a New York-based American artist. Faret primarily works with printmaking, illustration, and embroidery, and often draws from her Scandinavian heritage for her subject matter, reflected in her pieces depicting entities and narratives from Norse Mythology. Faret makes her designs available by way of her lifestyle brand and online shop, Cat Coven.

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