Norse Myth Retellings and Valkauskas's "The Illuminated Edda"

As of May 31, game designer Andrew Valkauskas's "The Illuminated Edda" Kickstarter raised $21,921 CAD (about $17,400 USD). "The Illuminated Edda" is described in Valkauskas's Kickstarter campaign as "the greatest Viking epics, the Poetic and Prose Eddas, retold with entertaining storytelling and full-color end-to-end illustration". Specialists will note that this description presents a variety of problems and that some of the manuscripts in question are in fact illuminated.

Valkauskas's project seems to be an illustrated retelling along the lines of the d'Aulaires' Norse Gods and Giants (1963). Strangely, included in "The Illuminated Edda" are narratives from Celtic sources (described as "the Celtic myths") and material from Finnish sources (described as "the Finnish myths", most likely material retold from the Kalevala).

Given the vibrant and visual nature of the Old Norse narratives, illustrated English language retellings of the Norse myths—or for that matter illustrated editions of any material regarding Norse mythology—are surprisingly rare. The illustrations for the project themselves, done by Croatian artist Natasa Ilincic, are rather nice (here's an example). Despite questionable decisions made in the project, the decision to release an illustrated edition makes Valkauskas's "The Illuminated Edda" notable.