Ár Var Alda now in Seattle

Sometime within the next month or two—on a date to be announced—ancient Germanic studies reading circle Ár Var Alda (ÁVA) will be reborn in Seattle, Washington. The group will meet monthly at Skål Beer Hall in the historic Scandinavian-American enclave of Ballard.

While we’ll announce precise details about meetings in the near future, ÁVA will proceed much the same way it did for years at the University of Georgia. As before, ÁVA provides all materials (which the group reads in person), all material is read in English translation (with source material consulted as necessary), and all are invited to attend.

For more information, visit ÁVA’s website here or follow the Mimisbrunnr.info Instagram account (user name: mimisbrunnr.info).