Ancient Scandinavian Studies Reading Circle Ár Var Alda Returns

Ár Var Alda, the reading circle that led to the creation of, is back, this time meeting monthly in Seattle’s historic Ballard neighborhood at a new Viking Age-themed bar, Skål. Meetings will be held at 6:30 to 7:30 PM on the final Wednesdays of every month. ÁVA conducts all meetings in English, provides all materials, and all are welcome.

Ár Var Alda is a phrase found early in the Old Norse poem Vǫluspá (recorded in the 13th century). In modern English, the phrase may be roughly translated to 'in days of yore' or even 'once upon a time'. As the phrase has cognates (words that are 'born from the same mother') in a few other ancient Germanic texts, it appears to have played a role in an early Germanic cosmological formula.

For more information on ÁVA, including its history, see’s ÁVA site.