Pre-Order for Jackson Crawford's Translation of the Poetic Edda and Recent Poetic Edda Editions

Jackson Crawford's English translation of the Poetic Edda is now available for pre-order at edition is projected for publication on March 15, 2014  (source).

Jackson's translation is the most recent in a wave of new English language translations of the Poetic Edda. Other recent translations include the Jeramy Dodd's 2014 translation, the late Ursula Dronke's 2011 edition (volume III of, I believe, III volumes) and Andy Orchard's 2011 translation. In addition, a revised and expanded second edition of Carolyne Larrington's 1996 translation was also released in 2014.

The Poetic Edda (or, nowadays more rarely, the Elder Edda) is a 13th century compilation of Old Norse poems that are infamously difficult to translation yet are supremely important to the study of what we nowadays know as "Norse mythology", the religious narratives of the North Germanic peoples.