Now Available: RMN Newsletter #10 Free in PDF Format

The University of Helsinki's logo. Credit:  Wikimedia Commons .

The University of Helsinki's logo. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

RMN Newsletter #10 is now available in PDF format and downloadable here for free. Entitled "Between Text and Practice: Mythology, Religion and Research", this is a special issue of RMN Newsletter.  contains new articles from:

* Rudolf Simek
* Lotte Tarkka
* Yuri E. Berezkin
* Matthias Egeler
* Nadezhda Rychkova
* Karina Lukin
* Frog

In addition, RMN Newsletter #10 contains review articles, research reports, conference and event reviews, dissertation and thesis announcements, and calls for papers.

RMN Newsletter is a peer-reviewed journal published biannually via the University of Helsinki's Folklore Studies department. RMN Newsletter is edited by Frog, Helen F. Leslie-Jacobsen, and Joseph S. Hopkins (founder of