RMN Newsletter #9 Now Available, Free PDF

The new issue of the University of Helsinki's RMN Newsletter is now available in PDF format for free. This publication marks the 9th issue of RMN Newsletter and consists of about 150 pages of content, including five original articles—by Mari Sarv, Ilya V. Sverdlov, Helen F. Leslie-Jacobsen, Julien d'Huy, and Frog and Janne Saarikivi—as well as various event reports, research reports, article announcements, book announcements, PhD project announcements, Master's project announcements, journal announcements, and calls for papers.

Appropriately for Mimisbrunnr.info, the material in RMN Newsletter often delves into the area of ancient Germanic studies, but also includes such diverse topics as Paleolithic mythology and Finno-Ugric studies.

Disclosure: Joseph S. Hopkins is an assistant editor for RMN Newsletter.