Eddic to English: Ursula Dronke (1969, 1997, & 2001)

Eddic to English now features an entry on English scholar Ursula Dronke’s partial translation of the Poetic Edda. They are as follows:

The Poetic Edda, Vol. I: Heroic Poems (1969)
The Poetic Edda, Vol II: Mythological Poems (1997)
The Poetic Edda, Vol. III: Mythological Poems II (2011)

All editions published by Oxford University Press (Clarendon Press).

This addition makes for something of a landmark for the Eddic to English project, marking the completion of the project’s first phase, and ushering in a period of analyses and additions to current entries.

Read Eddic to English’s entry on Ursula Dronke’s translation of the Poetic Edda here.